Through journalism and public speaking I will be a voice for the voiceless.

Once you get to know me you'll see a drive for success in everything I do and how it shines a light to inspire others. Due to hardship in my home country of Morocco, I was not free to make my own choices until the age of 17. With that freedom I used all my energy to focus on my education and future so that I can be a voice for the voiceless. For those who are still under oppression.


I am now the first blind Moroccan to learn 5 languages in the span of 6 years and be awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in 2017. I have inspired others at the University of Arkansas and as a visiting speaker at many American universities. I have achieved my goal of obtaining a masters in journalism and I am currently planning future career goals to share others stories of adversity as well as my own through writing and public speaking.

 Journalist    Researcher    Novelist    Translator  
 Motivational Speaker    Tech Accessible Advisor   Educator    Non-Profit Volunteer   

Open to Speak

I currently have availability for short term projects including motivational speaking, accessibility reviewing, accessibility consulting, tutoring and translating for English, Arabic, French and Braille, TOELF tutoring, GRE tutoring. For availability and pricing contact me below.

My Live Work

Homeless in the Atlas Mountains, I Sought God — and Found Myself Instead
Recovering from Religion, Aug 2020
A Moroccan orphan finds the American Dream is also Accessible
The Chicago Tribune, March 2020
Talking accessibility with Itto Outini
Fulbrighter, March 2020
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